How many times will you visit Warwick Pool this year?

10 or more times
6-9 times
5-8 times
1-4 times

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.

Keep Warwick Pool Open!

Keep Warwick Pool Open!

Social media is a great way to make your opinion heard on the Warwick Pool issue. Below is the full list of Facebook and Twitter accounts where you can contact Alexandria City Government.

Send them tweets, post on their Facebook walls, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do so also. We can stop the closing of Warwick Pool, but only if we act fast and in large numbers. Thanks for your support!

Mayor Bill Euille

Vice Mayor Alison Silberberg

Councilman John Champman

Councilman Tim Lovain

Councilwoman Del Pepper

Councilman Paul Smedberg

Councilman Justin Wilson

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